Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm published!

In the new issue #6 of Fight On! magazine, that is.

This is a first for me, but I hope not a last!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My dood.

Here's the current AD&D 1E stats for my longest-running character, which I probably created around fifteen or sixteen years ago now back in high school. He started-out as a "BECMI" Elf as per the D&D Rules Cyclopedia, so it's not an exact translation, but it's very close. The campaign was Known World/Mystara and the first adventure he ever played in was Arena of Thyatis, wherein he killed his first monster (a carrion crawler and no, not singlehandedly) and got his first magic item (a short short +1 that he's since passed on to another PC's henchman). His home is a manor house with small attached stone tower just outside the town of Melinir in Thunder Rift, which we transplanted into Mystara just north of Darokin. His name is stolen directly from the Cyclopedia, since I've always been bad at coming up with names. One of these days, I'll have to post a picture of the simply amazing miniature of him my wife painted for me. It's a true work of art.

Name: Silverglade Woodshadow
Player: Will Mistretta
Race: Elf
Class: Fighter/Magic-User
Level: 5/8
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Sex: Male
Age: 181
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Ability Scores:

Strength: 12
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 8
Dexterity: 19
Constitution: 11
Charisma: 12

Combat Details:

Armor Class: 1 (5 without dexterity bonus)
Hit Points: 32
Movement Rate: 9”
Encumbrance Carried: 753 cn

Saving Throws:

Paralyzation, Poison or Death Magic: 11
Petrification or Polymorph: 11
Rod, Staff or Wand: 9
Breath Weapon: 13
Spell: 10


Fighter: 81,001
Magic User: 90,001/135,001 (+10% bonus)

Weapon Proficiencies:

Bow, long
Bow, short
Sword, long
Sword, short

Languages Known:


Special Abilities:

90% sleep/charm resistance
+1 to hit with some bows/swords
Secret door detection (1 on 1d6 passive, 1-2 on 1d6 active search)
60’ infravision
Conditional surprise bonus



Spells Known:

1st Level:

Charm Person
Comprehend Languages
Detect Magic
Feather Fall
Magic Missile
Read Magic

2nd Level:

Continual Light
Mirror Image
Wizard Lock

3rd Level:

Dispel Magic
Lightning Bolt
Phantasmal Force
Water Breathing

4th Level:

Charm Monster
Dimension Door
Polymorph Other
Polymorph Self
Remove Curse

Magic Items Carried/Worn:

Silver longsword +3 (+4 to hit, dmg: 1d8+3/1d12+3, spd: 5)
Silver dagger +1 (+1 to hit melee/+4 to hit ranged, dmg: 1d4+1/1d3+1, spd: 2, fire rate: 2, range: 1/2/3)
Composite shortbow +1 (+5 to hit, dmg: 1d6+1/1d6+1, fire rate: 2, range: 5/10/18)
Leather armor +3
Amulet of telepathy (as helm of telepathy)
Potion of extra-healing

Regular Equipment Carried/Worn:

20 silver arrows
Quiver (one score capacity)
Leather backpack
Soft boots
One week’s iron rations
Large belt pouch
Small belt pouch
Large sack
Spell book and spell components

Money Carried:

50 gp
Gold ring (10 gp value, worn)

Magic Items Elsewhere:

Crystal ball (in vault at home)

Money Elsewhere:

5000 gp (in vault at home)
2500 sp (in vault at home)