Thursday, April 15, 2010

New magic-user spell: Spellcheck

Yeah, I know, har har. Working title only, folks.

Anyway, this is just part of my recent musing on "counterspells" in (A)D&D.

Spellcheck (Enchantment/Charm)
Level: 3
Range: 12"
Duration: 1d3 rounds +1 round/two caster levels (round down)
Area of Effect: One spellcasting creature
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 3 segments
Saving Throw: Neg

The target of this spell must be a single spellcasting creature. "Spellcasting" in this case meaning that the target casts pre-memorized spells in the fashion of a cleric, magic-user, or other regular PC class. Innate spell-like abilities alone are not sufficient, nor is magic item use and neither of these functions are impaired in any way by Spellcheck.

If the initial saving throw versus spells fails, the target must attempt another save versus spells each time he or she attempts spellcasting during the duration of the Spellcheck. Failure indicates that the spell in question is not successfully cast and is expended without effect.

This spell's material component is an iron padlock, which can be any size (even downright miniature), so long as its design and workmanship permits it to function. This item is consumed utterly upon casting of the spell.

1 comment:

  1. This is a VERY powerful spell, potentially, but I like it. I do worry about the fact that a failed save expends the spell anyway... Maybe another save to retain the spell?

    It might be worth specifying a gp value for the lock. Maybe even increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the saving throw based on the value of the lock used?