Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My first stab at superheroism!

I've played a lot of fantasy, science-fiction, and horror sessions over the years, but last night was my first foray into the realm of costumed superheroes.

It was quite interesting and very enjoyable. You can read all about it here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playtesting with Blackrazor!

After an unfortunate real life-driven hiatus, it's nice to be getting my game on again, and with none other than J.B. of OSR blog and "B/X Companion" fame!

Met up last night at the Baranof in Greenwood to try out his new rules-light fantasy/cyberpunk game (mysterious codename "CDF").

Playing a game session at the Baranof was crazy enough. It's a glorious dive that positively oozes history. All you have to do is mentally replace the flat screen tv with an ancient b&w model and it's uncanny how easily you can picture Charles Bukowski perched on the barstool at the end.

The game itself was a blast. My elf sorcerer fireballed six goblins and a rental car. Four were incinerated instantly. Thankfully, the car was among the survivors, otherwise I don't know how we would have made it back in one piece from Goblintown (aka 2050's version of Renton). I didn't get as much chance to get play done as I would have likes, due to character creation, setup, etc, but that's pretty much a given at a first session, is it not?

Finally, this was my first real world meeting with a member of the online OSR community. It's crazy being able to discuss things like my latest Labyrinth Lord purchases and the works of James Raggi using my actual voice instead of my keyboard!

Definitely looking forward to next week. Should be even more awesome. I can't wait to see where this game goes, both at the table and in the larger community once it drops to the public!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A5 OSRIC rocks my ass off!

I've previously owned the OSRIC hardcover, but I just recently invested in the A5 (8.3 x 11 inch) "mini" edition and I can't really remember another case where a game book's form has so improved its function.

Fact is, the hardcover is right about the size and weight of an AD&D PHB and MM combined. The miniature edition is half that size and even less than half that weight. Being able to hold all this gaing goodness in the palm of my hand is heady. And the text is still easy to make out, unlike in those novelty 2 x 3 inch AD&D collectibles that came out around 1999.

Plus, reading something the dimensions and heft of a paperback novel on the bus is much easier than lugging around a full-size "gaming textbook."

I wish more RPG sellers would offer options like this. This new presentation's portability and ease of handling alone has sold me on actually using OSRIC for gaming purposes as opposed to just owning it as a conversation piece. Plus, it's cheeeeap.

Are you listening, Proctor and Finch?

"Click me, fools!"