Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wolfman Bugbear's got nards!

This post is just an excuse to post a link to this lovely image from the Otherworld Miniatures site.

Don't click if pewter peener may offend you.

P.S. The gratuitous Monster Squad reference is just a happy coincidence.


  1. Niiiice.

    Wondering if it's too late to change my blog's title to "Pewter Peeners"...

  2. Somebody took the time to sculpt bugbear dingalings, and someone took the time to paint bugbear dingalings.

    That's rather odd!

  3. What next, Bugbear MILFs?

    If memory serves, I think the Minotaur (and perhaps the Gargoyles?) suffers from the same malady.