Monday, July 12, 2010

Always use protection.

My miniature AD&D Monster Manual has finally arrived (from Italy, no less) and I now own all of the "big three" AD&D rulebooks in this format.

Now the question is: How can I prevent them from getting all dinged out-of-shape if I carry them around in, say, my backpack?

I need some kind of rigid, solidly-constructed protective container for the set, but what would fit the bill?

The whole stack of three books, by the way, is about two inches wide, three inches long, and a tiny bit less than one inch "deep."



  1. It's back-to-school season in the stores, so look for a big pencil box.

  2. Wrap them carefully in bubble wrap AND SEND THEM TO MEEEEEEEEEEE

    dammit I want the core three in miniature :( All I have are the MM2, WSG, DSG and OA so double :(

  3. If you could find one an old hard floppy disk case might do the trick. Otherwise, I'd throw them into a zip-top bag and then into a pencil box with some appropriate padding. You could probably also toss your dice into the box to fill up some of the empty space.

    BTW, any suggestions on a source for the mini Basic and Expert sets? I've been looking on eBay and elsewhere for years trying to get ahold of them.

  4. You can always try some of the companies that sell used RPGs. Noble Knight and Troll and Toad are two that I know of.

  5. When I had my AD&D minibooks (alas, poor minis, ye shall be avenged!), I found a purse that was actually made to look like a minibackpack. I could fit 5 of them in.

    You could always try using one of those zip-closed organizers, without all of the daily calendar stuff inside.


  6. I've seen plastic travel thing-a-ma-bobs for bars of soap. One of those should be about the right dimensions.

  7. There are lots of CCG tins and boxes that would also be the right size more or less.

  8. I think the important thing here is green skin paint, fur vest, fake tusks, and you can look like a big ogre reading a normal sized monster manual.

  9. Some of the local dollar stores here have collectible candy tins that look like miniature lunchboxes, complete with handle and latch. I can fit almost two decks of playing cards in the one I picked up (Bottlecaps brand candy, if it matters, hehe) or one set of standard sized dice. Might work for your books too, though Ive never seen the mini editions in person, so I can't be sure.